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  • PIEP gives away 2000 terminal boar semen straws and 3 ready-to-mate gilts

    Pig Industry Enhancement Project (PIEP) is giving away 2000 terminal boar semen straws to pig farmers. This promotion will run until December 31st, 2020. The aim of this promotion is to get users acquainted to the Pigbase system and its mobile version (not yet released). Farmers are expected to register their accounts and fully utilise the system. This includes but not limited to updating farm profile, adding all pigs into the system according to their classes, using the breeding, health, feeding and inventory functions. All semen must be ordered through Pigbase. Pigs to be inseminated must show in Pigabse with their correct mating dates. Farmers are expected to monitor pigs through gestation, farrowing a and with using the digital platform. Awards PIEP will evaluate farmers’ performance monthly and award outstanding farmers with semen straws. We will release mothly semen prizes from end of August 2020. In January of 2021, we will award 3 best farmers who exhibit ability to use Pigbase holistically with ease.

  • Tags: Public Date:2020-07-30